Your heartbreak made me weak.  

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Your heartbreak made me weak.

I didn’t eat. I couldn’t physically get up of bed. I wouldn’t think about me. How could I? You were my everything and when you left I was left with my nothing. You always told me how strong I was, I didn’t notice you said that to make the fall to heartbreak even harder. 

You made me weak. 

Suddenly I started to let the little things come into my life. I ended up inviting my best friends over. After blocking them of my life because of you, I added them again and they brought icecream, we watched movies and they hugged me until my tears became laughs. I let myself smile and be happy. 

Somehow I realized that was one of the best days in my life because I reunited with people that are actually worth reuniting with. 

Somehow it was one of those happy days that end up hurting your cheeks because you couldn’t stop smiling. 

Somehow we ended going bowling and eating burgers with fries (Oh, I’ve been craving them since I started dating you and decided to be healthy and fit for you, how comical.) 

Somehow I ended not missing you anymore. You weren’t in my thoughts anymore. Me and the people I care about and who truly care about me became my everything once again. 

I became stronger for me. I noticed it was not your heartbreak, it was mine. So I am deciding to let the little things that make me happy enter my life to heal my heart. Now I can finally move on, because I am strong

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98

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35 thoughts on “Your heartbreak made me weak.  

  1. So beautifully written, Claudia. Until now I hadn’t thought about it much, but you made me a believer when it comes to the isolation imposed in the name of love. Out of the jealousy and insecurity of a controlling “lover” a person can truly feel alone and heartbroken when that lover decides to leave. It’s kind of like the Stockholm syndrome, I think, where a kidnapped person slowly becomes attached to the kidnapper. Un abrazo, Rich

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    1. Hi Richard! I’m glad that what I write makes you think and feel, it proves me I have done a good job!

      Your comment holds a lot of truth, however I hope that my other writings about how love is also happiness makes you a believer that true love does exist!

      I hope you’re having a great day😊

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      1. I am a believer in true love, Claudia, there is nothing else like it. But almost everyone (I included) has experienced other relationships that seem to be true love at first but then go on to reveal themselves as controlling and even parasitic. Knowing what you already know, I hope from now on you only experience love that is true. You have a great day too 🙂

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  2. Me encanta como escribes de verdad, pero esta entrada me ha gustado aún más.
    Es cierto que a veces solo se piensa en la relación con la pareja y se dejan atrás otras personas a las que también hay que dar importancia. Y tenemos que pensar que tristemente una relación con tu pareja puede acabar, pero la amistad es para siempre.

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  3. and when you get strong, you will think for yourself, and that clarity shall be an eternity of self empowerment. Thus you will and be strong, because you got up and said to yourself, “why am i doing this to myself”?

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