Your beauty makes me ran out of breath. 

image: vogue magazine
I think about you and i’m suddenly happy because you exist and then i am sad because I can’t have you and then I smile again because I should be grateful I get to exist at the same time you exist and the cycle goes on and on every minute of the 1440 minutes that a day has because I think about you everyday because you are my everything. 

I’m left breathless when your beautiful nose and beautiful eyes and beautiful lips and beautiful laugh pops up in my head. You’re a burst of happiness for my being. 

It ends when I realize you are not my burst of happiness and it hurts and hurts and keeps on hurting until my lips form a smile again when another thought of your smile appears in my head and heart. 

You are so beautiful. It’s mesmerizing. It’s unbelievable. You’re devastatingly perfect and i’m devastatingly not perfect for you, and that’s okay. Because I know our future will never become a reality, it’s just one of those dreams that are too big to become true. That’s the truth and I accept it. But if I ever get to tell you something with the hope that your warming ears will listen is: 

You are beautiful, so, so beautiful. 

Ps. Yes, i LOVE Shawn Mendes. 

©Claudia Hernández

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31 thoughts on “Your beauty makes me ran out of breath. 

  1. I know that feeling, I mean being breathless…I have written about it many times, because I am blessed to know one who causes that to happen to me each day… here is one of the poems I first wrote for Her years ago. I just thought you would enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed your post Claudia!


    What magic I see
    with the power
    to compel

    What sparkle I see
    that makes my
    longing heart swell

    What beauty I see
    that sweeps my
    Mind away

    What loveliness I see
    leaving not one
    breath to stay…

    I am left breathless
    each day as I awaken
    to your smile

    For its beauty always
    makes my life
    so very worthwhile

    And like the first
    day it still remains

    As each day comes
    to life, I cannot
    live without you…

    My forever love.


    Keep writing Claudia, you are awesome my sister!

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  2. This is amazing. And Shawn Mendes is sooooooooo gorgeous! 😍😍😍. Don’t blame you at all for writing a poem about him. It S so beautiful. I searched “you are my everything” and found this. I’m soooo glad I did! 😁 I’m going to follow you, because what any writer needs ever, is the fact that one piece of their work can stand for all their work and them. This piece spoke to me, and you accomplished what I said above. This is fantastic, and I hope you keep writing stuff this amazing. I’m sorry I’m gushing so much. XD. I’m just so amazed!💙💙💙

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    1. Wow, thank you soooooo much!!!! I can’t stop smiling after reading your comment and I needed a reason to smile today, so thank you!!! I’m left speechless. I just hope you have an AMAZING day because you definitely made mine better. ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. I’m glad that I made your day better, because mine was going really bad too. And you deserved the feedback because I meant every word I said. That was amazing. I’m glad you responded back. Never forget what I said. You are an AMAZING writer. I’m glad I found you!

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  3. Wow… this piece certainly left me breathless 😉 at first I was like…” does this girl not know how to use punctuation?!” Then when i read the poem out loud it suddenly made sense to me. Long story short, fricking’ loved this piece.

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