The curse of being a woman. 

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We drink, we smoke, we dance. Loud music, pretty people, dizzy night. 

No rules. No dads. Just lust. Touching bodies. Tingling hands. Having fun.  

You place your hand perfectly on my lower back. Pressing hard. Slowly sliding down. No. I repeat stop. But you don’t. 

Trying to release myself. Only achieve being pushed further towards you. Please. I beg. But my pleadings are like bad jokes you don’t laugh at. 

Another night out. Supposed to have fun. Ending up being cursed for being a woman, who will always be seen as a prey of a man. 

©Claudia Hernández 

Instagram: claudiaher98

Facebook: writingclaud


59 thoughts on “The curse of being a woman. 

    1. It hasn’t fortunately! But I decided to write this for all those women who have gone through this and because honestly, it could happen to any woman nowadays…I could go on and on talking about how angry this stuff makes me but I will stop here and thank you for your worried & thoughtful comment😊

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  1. Claudia, great post. It’s a man thing. He thinks his buddies will respect him when he scores. His entertainment (movies and TV) support this stupidity. The legal system cuts him a break. He often has no spiritual connection to ‘reel in’ his lust. Women, of course, suffer severely, but the man suffers also. He never grows up out of that boyhood fantasy that his sexual prowess is his identity.

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    1. Fair point…even though comparing both of the sufferings I believe the women has the worst part most of the times. Anyways, things need to change!! Starting by how some men are being taught to treat women since they are little…
      Thanks for your comment Larry😊


  2. This made me sad, and then quite relieved when I read in the comments it hadn’t happened to you. It is so wrong for women to have to feel that way. There is never an excuse for guys to hurt women and not listen to “no”. What a conversation you have started, Claudia. Great piece.

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  3. I have such strong feelings against that type of behavior or any type of behavior that make women look as if they were at the disposition of a man or as if only we existed for their own enjoyment and pleasure. Thank you for sharing this!

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  4. i’m so sad. you’re the greatest creature of the creation…. man are the animals… beasts… wolfen… but pasion is pasion alcohol is alcohol… sex is sex … your age is the age… forever and ever.


  5. Reblogged this on walterwashington85 and commented:
    With six sisters and hundreds nieces, being a mom’s boy at heart and a sad romantic, being a man who has lost both his only daughter and wife, being a sucker for left hook and a great smile, being at the end of my rope and the end of this road, being guilty of caring and convicted for reaching out..
    Being me! I feel you

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