I see you. 

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I see you.

I see how you struggle with all that pain that your double personality brings you. I see your true-self and who you have been forced to be for having money and good genes.

I see how you are trying to escape every family meeting where you are being praised by your parents in front of all your family. Yes, those parents who don’t even have time to have dinner with you because they are too busy working. Those parents that are the first ones to tell their friends about your successes before even congratulating you.

I see how you lie to yourself and constantly try to convince everyone that you are indeed happy. Always smiling with those white, shiny straight teeth that every girl in high school also sees, making your pain a shadow that only I get to see.

I see how you always hide your insecurities when your friends come around at lunch, because that’s expected from you. Never ill. Never had a bad hair day. Never even in a sad mood.

I see you. The real you.

But sometimes, I wish you could see me too…

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98

Facebook: writingclaud


40 thoughts on “I see you. 

  1. A blank stare looks back at me in the mirror. Eyes that penetrate through all of space but cannot even see myself. I break the mirrors into pieces. No, I break everything trying to destroy my heart so that I will never love nor be hurt. Again. I destroy everything, but I remember you in the theater with the hot body, and I start again. I hide my fangs and claws, too afraid to gross you out, and you the teddy bear in my hand, but no matter how many times I kiss you, I cannot bring back the sensation, the life, the intensity of pure goodness in your soul that I felt in you when I dreamed you. And so surprised that you would even look my way. Oh, please, don’t go away. Stay for another day. Or three.

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      1. You’re welcome. I didn’t stay long my first visit, but this time I fell in love with your writing. You’ll have to excuse me for my rudeness.

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  2. if i said i like that’s fake… “I’m lovely glad to read you!”… perharp you think i’m a lier but not… your words are more than that… just like a piece of your soul… congrats… thats your way…

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