Shit nobody noticed.

Shit nobody noticed: 

– I cry every week. I’ve been counting for the past month, and the majority of weeks I cry twice. 

– I love to read sad stories about people. Not because I enjoy it,but because I feel identified with strangers who seem to understand what I am feeling more than my psychologist. 

– I am ignored half of the times that I want to talk about something I truly believe in, sometimes I even get laughed at. That is the reason I decide to write everything instead.

– I don’t like sharing what I write with people I know, because I don’t want to feel vulnerable. Being able to write is what I appreciate the most in my life.  

– I don’t hate people. I feel the opposite of that. I get too attached I am scared of hurting them because I love them too much. I guess I am very good at making friends, but not good at keeping them. 

– I am anxious 90% of the day and depressed the other 10%. Sometimes they even fuse together. When that happens, I lay down in my bed with my phone looking at nothing. 

– I am scared of death. I don’t mind dying myself, once I almost made it happen. But, I am scared of the death of people I truly love like my grandparents. 

– I am not as confident nor have a high self-esteem as I portray to have. I am just very good at hiding my insecurities. 

– I don’t want people to notice this shit. Perhaps you’re reading this and feeling sorry for me – that’s what I want to avoid the most. 

©Claudia Hernández

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46 thoughts on “Shit nobody noticed.

  1. ” I don’t like sharing what I write with people I know, because I don’t want to feel vulnerable. Being able to write is what I appreciate the most in my life.”

    This is the words I am not brave enough to admit. Hence, my Facebook is not linked in my blog.

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      1. Yes. I am ‘me’ in my blog, too. And those closest to me, physically, have no idea that my blog exists. Some asked me, why? They said I write well, so I can share it to those who know me personally. But I still have the fear of letting people close to me know what I write here.

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  2. I find it’s always easier to admit to strangers your personal feelings because they don’t have any expectations for you or a preconceived notion of who you are and how you should act and feel. I also am surprised by how many people share your feelings (including myself) but somehow we feel like it’s not okay to openly talk about. We’re all in this mess of life, struggling together. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with your comment -especially when you point out how many people struggle with the same issues, yet they feel as if they are alone. That is one of the reasons I posted this, it was difficult but necessary if I wanted to help others in any sort of way. Thank you for your time, I hope you are having a great day!

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  3. Because I feel these same things myself, I don’t feel sorry for anyone who feels the same. On the contrary, I simply admire their strength and courage to face the day. I’m glad you kept going after writing this and are here to share it. 🙂

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  4. I don’t know if there are any words that can be said to help you with this, if there are any I don’t know them. I can say you aren’t alone in this, a lot of people (myself included) can relate to this. My best advice is my personal rule of life, since writing means the world to you, don’t stop. Keep creating art out of words, whether you realize it or not you could be making a difference in someone’s life with the words you put out there even if those who know you never see it.Keep creating and everything will be okay.

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  5. Siempre me hago el especial y por eso hablo en español por aquí… >_< lo cierto es que me siento totalmente identificado con esta publicación,no porque me haya sucedido en primera persona,sino porque la persona que me ha inspirado para elaborar todos mis poemas sí lo ha padecido.Lo cierto es que oírle a esa persona recordar sus episodios de Bullying e incluso hoy en dia decir su familia no la entiende ni comprende y la trata mal es muy duro…

    Inclusive oírle decir que yo mismo soy la motivación por la que sigue adelante es muy conmovedor.Me recuerda todo lo que he leído a esa persona y siento como si fuese ella la que lo está escribiendo.A pesar de que ella está cerca de mi zona,será muy difícil verla porque tiene 5 años menos que yo y su familia considera una ''aberración'' estar juntos.En fin,puedes pasarte por mi blog y chequear el Indicador Myers-Briggs en el que se refleja que personalidades como la tuya son muy escasas,alrededor del 5 o 6% quizás,o sea que sois personas muy exclusivas.

    Simplemente te recomendaría que te rodees y te apoyes de gente similar a ti,que sea soñadora,muy profunda e introspectiva que pueda comprender tus inquietudes más internas.Ya se que es muy vago este consejo pero por lo menos me gustaría compartirlo contigo.

    PD:Si chequeas la teoría de Psicología que te dije,fijate en la personalidad INFP,puede que sea a la que perteneces.Me encantan estos post! 😉 Fuerte Abrazo y siéntete libre de pedir cualquier consejo 🙂

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    1. La persona de la que tan lindo hablas tiene mucha suerte de tener a alguien como tú que la entienda. Aprecio muchísimo tu consejo, miiiil gracias por compartir una historia tan personal, me ayudo mucho en saber que no soy la única que se siente así. Ahorita mismo chequeo tu blog para leer tu post. Muchas gracias nuevamente😊😊😊

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      1. Primera parte Segunda parte Opinión

        No te apures en buscarlo como loca,ya te lo pongo 😄 es que está un poco escondido entre categorías y categorías… >_< los dos primeros links son las 4 funciones primarias que tiene la que puedo pensar que es tu personalidad.Y el ultimo link es mi opinión general sobre esa personalidad.A lo mejor meto la pata pero creo que sí puedes pertenecer a esa personalidad por todo lo que he leído …^^

        Muchas gracias por tus palabras de verdad 🙂 tengo mucha esperanza en que en un futuro próximo nos volvamos a encontrar porque yo pienso que (aunque suene muy idílico)somos el uno para el otro.

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  6. I don’t know f you speak Spanish, because I read you are from Lima, just in case I am writing this in English so you can understand me (even though it would be simpler for me to write in Spanish jajaja so please tell me if you speak Spanish for next time!). I have noticed you, and that means that the “shit you don’t want to be noticed” left something in me. I don’t feel sorry for you, you know why? Because this is life, and no one said it was easy to live. We all have our own shits, but I think that everything you said is what you experience every single day and it makes you unique.
    I feel identified with you when you talk about reading sad stories. It happens the same to me when I listen to sad songs (well.. sad songs have their own stories too!).
    I hope I made my point clearly. I enjoy your writings, so I am a new follower of your blog and I expect to be a big fan… I invite you to visit mine, it’s new!
    XOXO from Buenos Aires!

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    1. I am from Lima and I do speak Spanish jajaja gracias por tus lindas palabras!! Yo también escucho muchas canciones tristes, supongo que en parte sirve para reflexionar y sentirte entendida.

      Me alegro que estes disfrutando mi blog, no tengas duda que visitare el tuyo☺️☺️😊😊

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  7. Sometimes I feel that I can completely express myself when I write. I deeply understand you and sometimes I’m in those shoes too. When we talk, the words will eventually vanish with time and people will forget them…but when we write, it will definitely leave a mark on someone’s mind. I think you really are an inspiration to many readers including myself. I truly thank you for your honest writing and your beautiful inspirations.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words, you have no idea how much I appreciate them. I write to be able to connect with people and perhaps feel understood or help them know they are not alone, and for you to say that you believe I am an inspiration means the world to me. I hope you have a great day because you surely just made mine better with your comment😊❤️

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      1. Hahaha Mandita is a nickname my family gave me. I do speak Spanish too. Somos vecinas del mismo continente Suramericano ya que soy de Venezuela. Yo no llevo aun tanto tempo con mi blog, pero cada vez que puedo escribo, y de verdad te entiendo 100% porque cuando yo escribo siento que me deshago. That’s the beauty of writing:)

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  8. I can relate so much to this post, things are going similar at this point in my life. I want to speak up, yet I’m afraid that they won’t understand, or worse… that they can’t handle it and leave. I am afraid of the concequences. That’s why I write it all down for myself on my blog, so havesome kind of an outlet to strangers who might, read it, listen to what i have to say and maybe understand what I feel. ” I don’t like sharing what I write with people I know, because I don’t want to feel vulnerable. Being able to write is what I appreciate the most in my life.” My blog is almost anonymous, because I’m so afraid of people finding out and feeling like they have to pity me, that they see me differently or that I won’t feel like I can write whatever I want. Anyways, I really love what you write and keep going!!! ❤

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    1. Sadly I can say that I really do get how you are feeling, it sucks so much. However, I have learned to look on the bright side of this: let’s just enjoy and put everything (including our sadness and joys) into writing. For me, it is the best medicine:)
      Thank you!!! I’m glad you enjoy what I write☺️☺️☺️

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  9. I came here because I like noticing shit others don’t. There you have it. Sometimes I find the best tucked away into shit that people miss…I have here dearheart. Honest, truthful and real.
    “find that one star in the sky tonight, claim it as yours, burn it bright…”–g.a.meeder

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