For all the abusive parents…

Dear parents, 

I’m writing this because I think it is already time for you to understand that you have a lot of responsabilities. Some of you may be stressed out and doing everything in your hands to keep on going, others are not that responsible. Either way, no matter how difficult times are, you have no right to treat your child that way. They were born to be happy. Putting aside the goals you dream for them, they deserve to be happy and you, just for being “her/his parent” have no right to unable him or her for having that chance. 

Hitting them won’t make it better. It will make you an abusive criminal and your child the victim. You’ll build a line between what is wrong and right and the worst part is that you are going to get used to the wrong and you will force your child to go to the wrong part when they have their own children. 

Perhaps I am only 17 years old but I do not minimize myself for being young and I don’t need to be a mother to know about human rights, rights that EVERYONE needs to be able to have in order for this world to become a better place. 

Each time you tell your son or daughter you are hitting them because you “love them” or because you “have to show them a lesson“, you are only damaging their brain. Damaging their way of thinking. Making them feel as if they deserve every single punch and eating all the pain of each agressive touch that their loved one (you) are giving him/her. 

They may have comitted a great disbehaviour. They may have done the most outrageous action; been drunk or taken drugs. But all of this is no way near an encouragement for you to feel powerful and position them as the boxing sac you are going to punch until all of your anger fades. 

I can imagine that having children is no way near easy and there is no manual or guide in how to be a good parent. You might make mistakes, because you are also a human. But please. Don’t make mistakes twice. And for once and for all, think before you take an action. You may not notice but your child is hurting. No body deserves to be touched in an agressive manner – no excuses. 

Talk to them, shout at them, make them understand with a dialogue and eventually they will become better people and you will become a greater parent and no mental health will be unconsciously damaged.  

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98

Facebook: writingclaud

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23 thoughts on “For all the abusive parents…

      1. I understand it my dear because I fought for my children’s freedom from hurt and sadness. You put into words the feelings of those who have no voice for themselves. It’s joyful fate that I came to read this.

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  1. Well said, Claudia. Few people have the courage to call out abusers. I was abused as a child yet I was able, with God’s help, to stop it at my generation. We have a choice whether to abuse or not. There is no excuse for abuse, ever. Keep advocating!

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    1. I am so sorry for what you had to go through. It is exactly the reason why I decided to write about a topic a lot of people are afraid to touch – you are living prove though that it is a real issue that needs to disappear.
      Thank you for your kind words and stay strong!

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