17 years old.



17 years old 

Verbally abused so many times

My fingers have lost count

17 years old

Forced to be scared

By the monsters in the streets 

17 years old 

Already noticed 

The tradition of body shaming

17 years old

Trying to understand

Why my neighbor will hit his wife

17 years old

Desiring to cry 

For all those hurting by bullies

17 years old 

Noticing the person 

That society wants me to become

17 years old

Confused about life

17 years old

Aware of my thoughts changing

17 years old

Controlling myself from falling into their ways 

17 years old

Needing help to survive without being one of them. 

18 years old.

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98

Facebook: writingclaud

Instagram (blog): writingclaud


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